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Whether its wealth accumulation, retirement income planning, capital preservation or estate planning – each investor’s objective is unique. A masterpiece requires an artisan who uses common tools in an extraordinary way. You are not ordinary and your retirement should not be either. Using ordinary tools, the touch of a trained financial professional can make all the difference.

Investment Options

  • Bonds and Fixed Income
  • Preferred and Common Stock
  • Mutual Funds
  • Hedge¬†and Option Strategies
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • CD’s
  • 529 Plans
  • Brokerage Accounts
  • Investment Advisory Services
  • REITs, DPPs, BDCs
  • IRA’s (Traditional, Roth, SEP, Simple, Educational)
  • Treasury Bills
  • Federal Agency Securities
  • Treasury Notes
  • Unit Investment Trusts
  • Annuities (Variable, Indexed, Fixed and Immediate)

Financial Planning

  • Retirement Plans
  • Tax Plans
  • 401k Planning
  • 403b Planning
  • College Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Money Management
  • Money Purchasing Plans
  • Profit Sharing Plans


  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Disability Income¬†Insurance


  • Asset Allocation
  • 401K Rollovers
  • Business Continuation/Succession Planning
  • Fee-Only/Fee-Based Advisory Services