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Before sitting down for the first visit, we encourage you to download and complete our Financial Planning Guide.  This provides the minimum necessary information, a snapshot, of your current investments and planning.


What to expect:

  • Discovery:  This first meeting is an in-depth conversation gauging your needs, wants, goals in conjunction with the data from the Financial Planning Guide.
  • Analysis:  The data gathered at the first meeting is analyzed to ascertain the viability of the current course and determine whether corrective measures should be taken.
  • Education:  This second meeting is where you will receive an explanation of the analysis and rationale for possible corrective strategies to help you better work toward your goals.
  • Implementation:  Execution of the agreed upon approach.
  • Measurement:  Ongoing oversight to quantify the value of the new course.


Now what:

In 2003, we implemented a system, Client Connect, to make sure you are in constant contact with our firm.   A combination of systematic account reviews, emails, phone calls, educational/informational newsletters, etc. are all designed to keep you connected to us.

To help maintain the best standards of service, meetings can be held at a location most convenient to you:  our branch office, your home, place of business or other location of your choosing.  Many times we’ve received feedback that it reminds our clients of a time when doctors made house calls.  We may be old fashioned but our service is top-notch.