• S&P 500 Index earnings for the third quarter are tracking to an 18% year-over-year decline, a big improvement from the more than 30% decline in Q2, and 3 percentage points above September 30 estimates.
  • Forward 12 months’ estimates have already risen 0.7% since October 1, an indication that the impressive postrecession earnings recovery may be poised to continue through year-end and into 2021.

Source: LPL Financial Research, FactSet 10/16/2020
Important Disclosures:

Note: Revenue and earnings growth statistics are a blend of actual results and FactSet consensus forecasts for companies that have not yet reported. Trailing earnings cover the four quarters ending Q3 2020 and include estimates for Q3 2020, while forward earnings cover the four quarters beginning Q4 2020.

Any revenue forecasts presented are based on FactSet consensus. Any earnings forecasts are based on FactSet consensus, plus the long-term historical average for upside to estimates of 3%.

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